The questions asked most

What is expi.TV?

expi.TV is the first video streaming portal exclusive for the tourism industry. A modern portal in which products from tourism ventures are presented. A multitude of destinations, hotels, ships - even online-training or e-learning programs are offered for target groups. The platform also has an exclusive "live channel" to stream conferences or events.

Who runs the streaming service expi.TV?

The platform is run by TourispiX GmbH based in Berlin, all servers are located in Germany, the privacy regulations are met and the terms of use by the operators are in effect which can be seen here.

Why should I use expi.TV?

expi.TV is exclusive for tourism professionals and tourism company operators. On our streaming service you can expand your knowledge of your destination areas or acquire news about current topics. You can use the videos for sale talks at your counter. You can also download many videos and for instance use them for your website or theme parties or events.

Do I have to register?

It is not a necessity but only with a registration you are able to get all benefits and additional options on expi.TV. Here are some of them:

  • sharing videos with friends
  • creating own video playlists
  • access to protected content (i.e. live streams)
  • topic updates you are interested in
You can use expi.TV with less functionality without registration.

What are the differences between platforms like YouTube?

Only professional and videos tailored for target audiences specifically for the tourism industry without advertisements are published on expi.TV. Moreover expi.TV offers a complete catalogue and you don't have to switch between channels.

How does expi.TV contact me with updates or recommendations?

You receive an e-mail as soon as new videos have been published on your subscribed channels. Another option will be the notification via messenger, a mobile number will be used.

What does the use of expi.TV cost?

The usage for users is free. No contract, no fees, no commitment.

Can I upload videos?

As a user of expi.TV you are not able to upload videos. Tourism ventures wanting to bring users closer to their products or services can register as "publisher'" and are able to upload videos and manage their channel. Information for publisher is available on our website.

Can I use and share the videos?

This is decided by the owner, the publisher. When a video can be shared, a share icon can be found below the video description. To share a video, you copy the shown link and paste it to your desired spot. Of course you can use all videos for customer advisory service in sales talks.

How does the search function on expi.TV work?

You can search for specific keywords or destinations. On the startpages` upper right, you can find the searchbar. There you simply enter your search query and off you go.

On which mobile devices can expi.TV be used?

expi.TV can be used at any time on any device. expi.TV is optimized for mobile devices so you are able to watch great videos anywhere.

I have a question about a video and want to contact the publisher. How does it work?

Under video description you can find a menu item "Have we met?". Click on the button "Contact now" and you will be able to enter your message that will be sent to the contact person of the channel. The menu item "Channel information" leads to additional information about the publisher.

Can I continue watching started videos at a later time?

Videos you only partly watched can be accessed and continued at a later time. This function does require a registration.

There are videos with multiple parts. Can I watch them in order?

Videos with multiple parts will be automatically streamed in order. Additionally interesting videos are suggested to you.

Can I rate and comment on videos on expi.TV?

Videos cannot get rated and commented on because expi.TV is a pure streaming platform and not a social network. The sharing of videos of course is desired.